2017 CAHSI Summit Session Proposals


Building a Diverse and Innovative Workforce

Who We Are

The Computing Alliance for Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI) is a consortium of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) committed to consolidating the strengths, resources, and efforts of organizations that share the core value of increasing the number of Hispanics who pursue and complete baccalaureate and advanced degrees in computing areas. CAHSI provides a holistic approach that draws strength from HSIs from five states (California, Florida, Illinois, New Mexico and Texas) and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; such a unification of forces has led to CAHSI institutions graduating Hispanic students at 10 times the national rate of Hispanic baccalaureates in computing and has served as a significant pipeline of new recruits into graduate studies and the professorate throughout this nation. CAHSI has provided deep and broad support to students at all educational stages that fosters deep student engagement and development through CAHSI’s proven practices.

Why We Do What We Do

Hispanics are the nation’s largest minority group and among its fastest growing populations. While the college enrollment and graduation rate for Hispanics has increased over the last ten years, Hispanic representation in higher education remains low. In order to thrive and even survive in the globalized marketplace of ideas and innovation, the U.S. must aggressively meet the challenge of increasing the number of students who complete degrees in computing areas. It is critical for our economic and social health that we maintain a globally competitive computing workforce and expand our engagement of Hispanics.

Industry/Government Session Proposals

CAHSI welcomes collaborations and ideas to sponsor student or faculty development workshops that focus on technical or professional skills. We encourage one-to-four-hour workshops that actively engage students, introduce them to the latest technologies, and encourage innovative thinking. Meet some of our best students and get them excited about learning new areas that build their career.