Adriana Carolina Camacho

As a junior and senior, Carolina worked as a peer leader in the UTEP Computer Science Department supported by CAHSI. She assisted with the development of lessons using cooperative learning strategies to strengthen student’s content knowledge. Her leadership and mentoring abilities were evident to the students who she assisted during her PLTL lessons. “Carolina really helped me during my data structures class. I do not think I could have continued with the class without her help,” one of our undergraduate students stated.

In 2014, Carolina participated in an REU program at the Army High Performance Computing Research Center at Stanford University, she worked as a volunteer for the HCI research group at UTEP, and she also attended the Grace Hopper Conference for the first time through CAHSI funding. She became a formal member of the HCI research group the Spring 2015 when she was accepted to the PhD program in Computer Science. With the support of her mentor, Dr. David Novick and the CAHSI Fellow-Net review program, Carolina was selected to receive a NSF GRFP Fellowship. UTEP is proud to have her as part of one of our future Hispanics in Computing, who will serve as a role model and mentor for others.